Akash Graduation Day Photo Shoot

All those late-night studying and exam stress has finally paid off! Don’t you wish to celebrate this happy moment with your closed ones?  

If your son/daughter is graduating this year, then I would say it’s the best time to start planning for a Graduation celebration. They really need some time-off and fun, don’t they?  

While I recall the graduation party of Akash,  

It was a bright sunny day, and we were all set to celebrate Akash’s graduation at the Cumin & Curry Restaurant. Akash’s family acquaintances and his close friends were invited for the gathering. Well, it’s totally up to you if you want to keep it a family affair or just a friends-only event. 

When it comes to graduation photography, you can choose from a variety of styles like freestyle photography, group photography, portrait photography, etc for the shoot. You just got to let us know your preferred style, and we shall work on it accordingly.    

Some of the party snaps from Akash’s Graduation Photo Shoot-

If you are planning to throw a graduation party, you can now book your dates on info@siadigitalstudio.com

SIA promises to get you the best clicks of the day that you can revive forever!