How to Click Bride Getting Ready Images In an Elegant Way!

Wedding photoshoot is incomplete without the bride getting ready images. It is that beautiful moment where the bride engages herself with the makeup, bridal wear and the jewelry that was all preplanned a long time back. I also love the fact that we as a photographer get to witness this pure, magical moment of bliss experienced by the bride.

Apart from the photography aspects, it is quite often a challenge to the wedding photographers and videographers to capture the emotion among the wedding chaos.

Hence having a prior idea on how to photograph a bride and the getting ready shots could help you save time.

Everything you need to know about Bride Getting Ready [Brief Guide]

Not all brides would be comfortable with clicking the getting ready moments. As a result, you need to understand the client in the first place.

You can have a talk with the bride to know her likes and dislikes, and mainly her openness with the ‘getting ready photoshoot’. There are basically two types of brides; one who won’t mind you being with her all day, and the second one who might like some privacy for herself while getting ready.

Understand the bride and get started with the photography session accordingly.

In the following sections: we shall understand the importance of a bride getting ready photoshoot, discuss what the bride should wear for it, and lastly some tips on clicking the best wedding photographs.

Importance of Having ‘Bride Getting Ready’ Images

The wedding day will be full of chaos, and the bride might not even get to cherish her wedding dress and makeup. So how to save up those beautiful moments? A simple yet elegant photoshoot with the bride and the bridesmaid is the way out.

Also, choosing the right location for the shoot is equally important. You need a vacant room that has quality space and natural light for the bridal shoot. Once all the preparations are done, you can get the bridal getting ready photo shoot started.

Quick Pre-Checks for the Bride Getting Ready shoot:

  • Spacing and room aesthetics
  • Details about the bride acquaintances who will accompany the bride
  • Getting ready and wedding bride props
  • Planning a surprise for the bride – if she is a close friend of yours
  • Theme of the photoshoot
  • Any special request from the bride or bridesmaid’s side
  • Keeping a backup option for all your camera equipment

Anything you would like to add here? It’s the most special day of any bride or groom, and you ought to make the day memorable for them. Keep in touch with a close friend of the bride to know the likes-dislikes of the bride more accurately. This is just an addon tip that you can follow and use it for the bridal photo session.

What to Wear for the Getting Ready Photoshoot?

The best part of all is undoubtedly choosing a wedding dress. If the wedding bride has already decided on the dress, you can check it out before the shoot. (you can work on the decoration, lighting, props that match with their vibe)

Tips for the brides: I am sure you must have gone through those larger-than-life bridal and bridesmaid images on Pinterest. You can take some inspiration from those images and add a bit of your personal touch to the candid wedding shoot.

You can buy bride and bridesmaid wardrobes online or get customized stitching done. Don’t forget to suggest this point to your client, as you don’t want to ruin her wedding dress and bridal makeup.

A bridal wardrobe could easily let the bride carry on with makeup and could change into the bridal dress without any hassle.