Stunning Graduation Party Ideas and Decorations Your Grad Would Love in 2019!

It’s that time of the year, Graduation Day! If your lad is graduating this year, then I am pretty sure you would have already searched for too many graduation photography ideas. Things can get confusing in terms of graduation photograph, announcements and decoration ideas.  

To put things straight- you can go as crazy and creative with the graduation ideas and make it fantastic!  

Here, I would make things simpler for you.  

Graduation Day and Its Value in Your Life   

In your academic time, you will come across different types of graduation milestones. We have pre-school graduation, mid-school graduation celebration where parents guide their lad while they enter the high school graduation, and finally the completion of high school graduation. The latter one, high school graduation party theme is the popular among all.  

Graduation is indeed an important phase, both for the student and parents. It’s firstly the hard work of the students and a proud moment for all mom-dads who have seen them work hard throughout their life.  

Some Quick Grad Party Checklist: 

  • Right location (go crazy with this, believe me!) 
  • Party theme (simplicity is always best) 
  • Old photographs (for the revenge planners) 
  • List of invitees (borrring of all) 
  • Savory food (any doubt?) 

Following Are the Best Grad Party Ideas I Came Across

Ideas are infinite!

1) Most Creative of All - Graduation Caps 

You can go a long way trying different ideas keeping the graduation cap as the main prop. For instance, you could make use of real caps and use for graduation photography. Also, people create cupcakes and or create DIY candies in the design of graduation cap.  

2) Show off Your Grad’s Achievements!  

Take this in a positive stride only. There’s nothing wrong in showing off the graduation certificate and medals bagged by your lad. Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with this idea. You can make this even more special by decorating it with their childhood pictures.  

3) A Cool Campus Shoot Is a Good Idea 

We always have our special campus memories, why not re-create those moments and pose away? This would require a prior permission, so check it out with the college authorities before the actual graduation party.  

4) Get the Best Delicious Platter

Another scoring point that you have is the food. You can take a suggestion from your friends, guest and take a quick recommendation from all. Then, you can make the list of the best caterers of the town and choose your favourite one from them.  

5) Include Fun Activities for the Invitees 

Depending on the people you have invited, organize fun activities to keep up the fun and thrill.  

Now, it’s time to share your story!  

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