Must have pictures in your album with your bridesmaids!

Friends, school friends, college friends, family friends, common friends, roommates- You have your bridesmaids were there for you, through every step of life. Bridesmaids are special in the wedding process, and they helping the bride gets ready. This important duty falls right between months of preparation and happily ever after, and is potentially the most honest moments that absolutely must be included in the wedding album. From wedding planning to all rituals to your special moments, you want them with you always! 

You want every moment to be captured with your bridesmaids before you start the new chapter of your life. Here Sia gives you some must click ideas [that you ever want] featuring beautiful bridesmaids to inspire you! 

Just Chill pose

Show your Mehandi pose 

crazy with your gang pose



swag pics 

Being real 

Helping you get the perfect look 


‘little too hard’ pics 

With Hubby 


In Focus