Puja and Amey - Columbus, OH Indian Wedding by SIA Digital Studio

The astonishing Indian wedding of Puja & Amey was a perfect combination of classy, authenticity, vintage, and chic, a true reflection of rich Indian culture. We always love shooting Indian couples, as there is a lot to visualize and capture from each angle combined with the modern upbringings. This wedding had so much for our cameras to witness. From love and affections to each small ritual that makes such a wedding more of heritages.

Puja & Amey kept amazing us with their flourishing love in every picture that we pinned down. Every little detail puts our camera to daze, turning the moments into an awesome still to capture.

The event and our camera became evident to many other people who arrived as guests to make this event more happening, having liveliness spread adding an essence of festivity & joy. It is immense pleasure to make a note on the fact that this is the third wedding we have captured with daughters of Suresh & Anju Patel. Puja is their third daughter who got married this year, before that we have captured her sister Sapna's wedding in 2009 and Shefali's wedding in 2012.