The Art of Wedding Decoration Themes: How to Style a Spectacular Wedding Venue!

I know we do have a budget for everything, that’s why getting everything right may be difficult in all cases. There’s no exception for the wedding preps either.  Wedding decoration ideas may be something that you have been planning for a long time, yet you are confused about how to get started with it!  

Don’t you worry!  

If you look around yourself, you are sure to find the best wedding décor inspiration online as well as offline! It’s really a tough task for the wedding decorators to make it unique and creative for all the events. However, Indian wedding has hands down the highest number of props and rituals compared to any cultural wedding in the world.  

The wedding stage is the best element you can start with for the decoration purpose. Red carpet never fails! And it’s also the season of florals, you can set up a royal sofa with the backdrop of florals hanging around.  

You can go for a cute ‘Our Story’ section near the entrance- Handwritten story of how the couple met and how things fell into place. This could be something interesting and personal for all 😊 You could better connect with the guest and relatives, isn’t it?  

For someone who loves the minimal style, go for a simple yet personalized way of decoration. You can create your favorite images of you and your spouse for the creative decoration. The Organic way is another cool option in the slot, design frames by yourself and make it all rustic for the event.  

Table lamps are another big shot in the wedding industry. Hanging lamps and flower pots are the new addition as well. Chandeliers never go out of fashion – you can either go for a huge one or a fairy style pattern.  Make them look up! 

Ceiling designing with the draping of silk or shiny cloth; will help with complementing the colors and adds a touch of elegance to it. If you are up for some fun, then go for a brighter shaded drape and go light on color for the tablecloth. This way you could complement the colors well!  

For the sign boards, you could go with the classic blackboard with chalk writing! It is sure to bring back the nostalgia and your school memories.  

If you are throwing a cocktail or reception party, then you can keep the display of the menu in a calligraphic font. This will give it a different feel and look! Something your guests and friends has that more-than-one second stare on.  

Umm, now the high in demand thing - a colorful photo frame! Duh, this is something we need for our entire life though (those who like to be clicked will surely relate with me). You can design the photo frame or get it designed from the top wedding decorators in your town. Use the frame just for the couple portraits or clicking with your friends and cousins. You can decide the way you want to keep it!  

Keep it all woody for outdoor English weddings. Confused with keeping plastic chairs vs the wooden furniture? Trust the wood, anytime.  

Well, guess I went a little too much with the wedding prop and decoration ideas! Did I? I hope the article gave you some inspiration for the planning and setup.  

Take care, See you soon!