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Hey everyone! Welcome to our website and we are here with a super interesting topic for you. The title says it all, bridal portraits and why you should never say NO for one.

Agree or disagree, bridal shoots are the best part of all weddings.

Now, if you are a photography lover or loves to click one’s own pictures, then ahem ahem I got no comments.

What is a Bridal Portrait Session?

Bridal shoots have now become a common thing for wedding photography. This culture is pretty known in the Southern U.S and less in other places.

This kind of wedding photography session involves only the bride – supported with all the wedding essentials like a bouquet, floral props and much more.

The bridal photoshoot is a solo photo session of the bride in their wedding dress. Usually, these photographs are taken by the same professional photographer who will shoot the wedding day pictures. However, you could keep the photographer as per your choice 😍

The first thing to consider for a bridal portrait session is the photographer.

Secondly, the theme of the bridal photoshoot. Do you want to give the pictures a poetic/artistic feel or focus more on the fashion side?

My tip- go with the theme that you are comfortable and happy with, and more importantly reflect the person who you are from within.

The people who will be involved with you include- the photographer and your makeup artist. Apart from them, you can contact a decorator or a floral setup person for the ambiance and the shoot decoration.

Slay your wedding portraits, lady!

What’s the Best Time for a Bridal Shoot?

Ah! The most frequently asked question, that has an easy answer.

So, imagine you are wearing this wedding gown of yours and for some reason, the dress got damaged by the end of the shoot. Your wedding is the next day, yes you are in trouble.

To avoid all the trouble, plan your solo bridal shoot a month before your wedding. This way even if the dress gets damaged, you will have enough time to fix it as soon as the wedding date arrives.

The main point here is to look similar on your bridal shoot just as you will look on your wedding day. Hence plan the day well and in a way that there are no major changes between your bridal shoot and the wedding day look.

Why Should I Have a Bridal Session at My Wedding?

There are a lot of reasons why you should carry out a bridal shoot at your wedding.

  1. Such candid and fun wedding photo sessions will make you comfortable and easy in front of the camera.
  2. You can get to know your wedding photographer or videographer more closely. This can be a big plus, for better understanding and friendship during your wedding day shoot.
  3. Travel fun, if you are planning to shoot your bridal session in multiple locations. You could get to travel and get different backdrops, unlike your wedding day where you aren’t changing the location. When it comes to outdoor shooting, there are a lot of venue options that you can make the best use of.
  4. If you have already done your bridal photoshoot before, you can use them and put them into the display for the guests and relatives at the wedding venue. Just rock the wedding dress and pictures at the entrance or table – if you have already done a glam bridal shoot in advance. You can make the best of this advantage, isn’t it?
  5. You can take a trial of the makeup and see which one works for you. There’s no point in doing a shabby makeup and then complaining about it at a later point. Doing bridal portrait session, you can know it better which make up works fine on you and how does it look when you are indoors/outdoors.
  6. Yes, you can plan and make a bridal shoot remembered by including a proper short sequence and store to the video. During this, you can even include the names of the wedding suit designer and the mehndi artist’s name within the video. And well of course who doesn’t want to show that that footwear bling!

What’s your reason!

Bridal Portrait Session – the Preparation Tips and More

So much of your time and efforts are invested in getting that perfect wedding look. Why not capture and cherish them in the best way?

Following is a small checklist for a better-planned wedding bridal shoot, and they are given as follows:

• Choose the right person to accompany you during the shoot. We don’t want to ruin the vibe of the day. You might be nervous about the day, so always take your best friend, sister or someone who understands you truly.

• Be in the moment, and less on your mobile. It would be better if you could the smartphone with your friend and let the wedding photographer do all the shooting without any kind of hindrance. This will not only keep your photographer at peace but also get you some amazing shots!

• Be indoors for a week right before the bridal shoot. Because retouching a sunburn or spots might be a difficult task for the photo editor. And we don’t want you to lose that natural feel in the images.

• Get a good makeup and hairstyling done. Keep it subtle yet elegant for the day.

• Accessorize your gown with jewelry, veils, and add a floral bouquet.

• Keep yourself hydrated and have some healthy snacks in between so that you don’t starve during the shoot.

• Check the time of the bridal portrait shoot day. This is because some wedding gowns reflect a bit different color shade with the changing hours of the day. So, take special care about it and work on it accordingly.

• And, above all – just enjoy the day and be in the moment. Be confident with what you are wearing and how you are looking. Relax and enjoy.

Hope this post helped you with knowing everything about the Bridal Shoot and the preparation :)