6 Reasons on Why You Need a Graduation Photography

Everyone has gone through that pressure, to get the graduation photography done. I know what you are going through, don’t worry we are in this together.  

Yesterday, I was clearing out my shelf and found a few of my graduation photos. You won’t believe the gush of emotions that passed me, it was great! Then I realized why mom was insisting me to capture those precious moments on the reel!  

As the final year graduates, you will be surely having the busiest hours. Packed with assignments, coping with the toughest subjects of the semester, doing an internship/job or simply figuring out what to do after graduation. Why do you have to add one extra burden of ‘photography’ with all this?  

You will long to have memories that you could hold close with you for a lifetime. To all the 2019 grads out there – do the best you can with the little time left with as a graduate.  

Why you should get graduation photography done? Read them out below:  

#1. You will wish to relive those four years at some point in your life.

Select your favorite college location where you used to spend most of your college times. Recreating the library moments with your friends would also be a cool addition to your graduation album.  

Fun pictures of recreating your memories near the fountain, your first class-bunk, etc., will bring a smile whenever you look back to them.  

#2. It’s a big achievement, and you should celebrate!

Some might have enjoyed college time in a better way compared to others. Experiences could be varying but what remains constant here is the dedication and the 4 or 5 years of constant effort you have put in to make this very day possible. Assignments, early morning study to score well in the tests, handling too many things at the same time! You have been a pro throughout the academic year.   

#3. Get an updated family portrait image for home.

A family portrait is another reason for carrying out your graduation photography. When was the last time you were present for a family portrait? This is a great chance of utilizing the moment and clicking the current members of the family.  

In case you don’t like the family portrait at home, you can get them done right now! 

#4. You can gift the photographs to your grandmother and grandfather.

If you are planning to gift something special to your grandma and grandpa, then a copy of the family portrait could be a nice idea. This gives you yet another important reason to say yes to the graduation photos.  

#5. We tend to take photos for granted these days.

The camera feature on smartphones has made the clicking and storing easy like never before. We don’t realize that we are documenting the memories that are not going to come back anytime! It’s more than just an iPhone image you took. Therefore, you can keep a graduation photoshoot for yourself, and bring back the realization and importance of photographs.  

#6. Well when one thing works for all, you shouldn't ignore it.

If you are not satisfied with any of the above reasons, then you may like this one. One graduation photoshoot could get 3 different works solved! You can get a solo photoshoot, a family portrait, and a single headshot that you can use for the LinkedIn profile picture. Setting the right display picture could get you more employment opportunities and better visibility online.  

YOGO – You only graduate once! 

It’s a special day and there’s no harm in documenting the day. It’s your day, your hard work has paid off! If you are willing to spend a little bit more cash, you can have a special solo shoot in your graduation coat.  

Studies have ended, but the learning doesn’t end here. You got to achieve more things in life, but before that don’t let the celebration go unnoticed. Celebrate, just for yourself. Lots of love and best wishes to all bright minds :)