Ami & Ronak Wedding Saga || SIA Photography
As we recall Ami and Ronak, they remind us of two young hearts overfilled with love!  Unlike other couples, they had religious offering and celebration at the bride as well as groom’s place. We had...
Ami & Ronak || Pre Wedding Photo Shoot
Lovebirds, Ami & Ronak effortlessly showed the real essence of an American-Indian couple fully filmed by Sia Digital Photography!
Summer Pre-wedding Photo shoot with Mitul & Poonam!
Mitul & Poonam visited us from Ohio and we were able to fit in some of Sia's favorite places. Their album needs to include everyone that holds a special place in their life and that means including their four-legged friend too.
Chandni’s Sweet 16 Party @ Dublin Recreation Center, Ohio
And it was all set.  Friends, family, and everyone were now waiting for the birthday girl to make her entry. Chandni selected a silver shade for the day, and she simply rocked all of them!
Akshay & Laura | The Classic Indianapolis Wedding
How would you identify an Indian wedding? Colorful décor, too many people, and lots of noise! It was pretty much similar with Akshay and Laura’s wedding.
Janki & Chirag | Traditional Gujarati Wedding Ceremony
Janki and Chirag's wedding has been one of the best traditional weddings we got to witness. They had arranged and planned all the necessary rituals for the day, without missing anything! I met Janki..
Anees & Naushin Wedding Photography
Anees & NaushinSia truly overjoyed to bring you the wonderful Ismaili union of Anees & Naushin Ahmed!Sia Digital covered the charming wedding story that began with a vivacious and elegant nikah at the
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